Top Reasons To Get Washed at Eastside


Protect Your Investment

Semi's are constantly exposed to the elements which cause salt build up, road grime and dirt, in turn can cause premature wear to their parts. Regular semi-truck washes are a very important part of fleet maintenance and provide numerous benefits. It can help you avoid rust formation and keeps the elements from corroding the trucks metal parts.


Boost Company Image

Your trucks represent your company to the public, they are rolling advertisement for your business. A clean, well taken care of truck makes a more positive impression for new business and drivers. Your existing customers and drivers can take pride in knowing they are with a company that is committed to the maintenance of your fleet.


Increase Safety

Clean trucks reflect more light, which can improve road visibility and ensure your drivers see obstacles in their path. Additionally, DOT officials are more likely to pull over dirty trucks for further inspection as opposed to a clean truck. A dirty truck gives them the impression that the driver doesn't care about the vehicle upkeep and the truck may not be safe.